ARMANI   "AQUA DI GIO ABSOLU"   2019 DIRECTOR'S CUT VERSION Directed by François ROUSSEAU  ART DIRECTION by Michele MARIANI   Produced by Virginie Sagan for  WANDA PRODUCTIONS ARMANI   "AQUA DI GIO ABSOLU" 2018  Directed by François ROUSSEAU   Produced by WANDA PRODUCTIONS "L'ENVOL"  /  FASHION MOVIE PRODUCED WITH E.N.S LOUIS-LUMIÈRE  / LEICA /LEITZ  /  HANDSOME PRODUCTION  / 2019 "LINE UP", Directed & DOP  by F. ROUSSEAU  A Paul Duvignau portrait, french longboarder & shaper, 2016<br />
 "TELLURIC"    Director's Cut     DIRECTED & DOP by F. ROUSSEAU   2018 "THE TRAINING", A Portrait of Paul, INSEP, 2016 "HARMONIE"  Episode 9/12   CHANEL ALLURE HOMME SPORT    LA BEAUTÉ DU SPORT   SERIES  2016   directed & DOP  by F.ROUSSEAU . Music by AUFGANG "RYTHME" Episode 5/12  CHANEL ALLURE HOMME SPORT .  LA BEAUTÉ DU SPORT JO 2016 SERIE  directed & DOP  by F.ROUSSEAU . Music by AUFGANG "BLACK SKINHEAD"   Directed, Choreographed and Performed by André ATANGANA , Co Directed and DOP by F. ROUSSEAU   2017 "PARIS PLAYGROUND"  NIKE    2018  Directed & DOP by F.ROUSSEAU "SENSITIVITY"  Directed/DOP  by François ROUSSEAU    Choregraphed/Edited by André ATANGANA   2017 "MANIPULATION" /    JON BOND  /   NDT  2017 "CHINA INK"  2017   Animation by F. ROUSSEAU "IN THE DUST"  2015 "U N F A Z E D"     /    2014  directed   & photographed by André & François  "BOXING"  2017 ARMANI "AQUA DI GIO" 2018   DIR CUT SEQUENCE CHANEL ALLURE HOMME SPORT "LA BEAUTE DU SPORT"  20mn Director's Cut  directed & DOP by  F. ROUSSEAU  Music by Aufgang /  2016 "LA MORT DE VIRGILE"  ETUDE   2015 "L'AMAS D'CHAIR"   ANTOINE ELIE  .   Directed,  produced & DOP by Studio François  Rousseau  / Polydor  / 2017 "CONTINUUM"   RAMI KHALIFÉ  BEIRUT  2018   directed  & DOP by F.ROUSSEAU  first single from LOST    motion picture   released 2019 Louis VUITTON Editorial Men's Uno